Current rating for AD7124-8 - external power supply


I can't find a current rating for the AD7124-8 evaluation boards, only that the input voltage range is 7-9V. (It looks like the external power source is sent through a linear regulator (ADP1720), but I also couldn't find an input current for this.) I'm looking to power about 8 AD7124-8 boards with a DC power supply rather than the 9V and 2A wall warts supplied. I need to make sure I'm supplying at least the required current to the boards without investing in a power supply with a crazy high power consumption based off estimating 2A/board. 

Where can I find the current rating for AD7124-8 evaluation boards?

Thank you!

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Feb 7, 2021 6:57 AM 2 months ago


    Let me see if I can find the actual data and get back to you.

    But I suggest that the easiest way to have it is to measure it. If you can try to supply it externally and measure the current across the supply then you will be be able to know it. But the current consumption should not be high. So estimating 2A/board is not necessary.