Software for AD7605-4 Eval board with EVAL-SDP-CB1Z that allows saving of data

A newbie question: I have the EVAL-AD7605-4 board with the EVAL-SDP-CB1Z motherboard

Documentation as per

As I don't have a CD drive I downloaded the user software from the product page as well as the configuration manual.  And in principle it works well, except for the following:

Problem is that the software supplied via the link is not exactly the same software as described in the user manual. I need to save the recorded data and the manual shows a picture of the AD7606SDZ sofware with a save function, but the 7605-4 software does not have it. When I explicity download the 7606SDZ software it does not recognize my 7605-4 board and neither has the save functionality for saving anyway. I really need to save raw data acquired with the board.

Anyone any suggestion? Where can I get the control software for the evaluation boards that does allow me to save data AND recognizes the 7605-4 board as it is spelled out in the manual.

Hope anyone has an answer.