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Need a recommendation for fast sampling daisy-chained/simultaneous sampling ADC

Hello Everyone,

I have a requirement to simultaneously measure the amplitude of 16 separate one-shot (single) pulses (of pulse width 6us) and amplitude ranging from 500mV to 1V. I need a total of 16 simultaneous sampling channels. It can either be daisy-chained or simultaneous sampling ADC or a combination of both if required. 

I have found some devices such as using two AD7606C-18 (1MSPS, 8-channel simultaneous sampling) in the parallel mode (uses 18 pins for data) as described in CN0148.pdf(you could also comment on if this solution would actually work or not for my requirements). In addition to this, I am searching for a better solution that uses fewer wires of my digital host (zedboard fpga).  

I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me with the selection, with a fast daisy-chainable ADC that meets my requirement. I am also not sure about questions like SPI clock requirement for daisy-chained devices, how many devices can be chained and how would it affect the sampling rate of individual ADCs.

Thank you.

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