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External Crystal on AD4115 and EVAL-AD4115SDZ

I just purchased an EVAL-AD4115SDZ so I could evaluate the AD4115. I've noticed that it works as expected after a reset using the internal clock - writing 0x0000 to the ADCMODE register and dropping CS indicates continuous conversions at 125Khz on the RD/MISO pin. But as soon as I write 0x00C0 to the ADCMODE register (enable external clock), the continuous data stream stops. When I look at the CLK test point with my oscilloscope, I am not seeing any oscillation. So my question is: did I receive a defective eval board or is there an undocumented issue with the AD4115. For the record, I also have the AD4112 eval board and the external XTAL oscillator works correctly. 

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  • Strange. Not sure if this is helpful but some of my additional settings for bipolar test was, both input buffers on, external ref, ref+/- buffers off, sinc3_map enabled with odr set to fastest (0x0). Yes, im using the spi port channel 0. !!Interestingly, the aux port will not work in mode 3!! Initially I tried using python and spidev but speeds were very limited. I did not explore continuous read with python/spidev. Am currently running a program in c using pigpio to talk to the adc and dump it to shared memory for further processing in python. For continuous read I have a gpio attached to miso and am blocking for data ready/not ready. In this config the delay between data ready and the first clock pulse is just under 750ns. The blocking is putting one core at 100% but I'm ok with that currently...