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What is alternative of LTC2984?

LTC2984 is not available in stock on all platforms. Is there any alternative part no. for it? Is there a need to modify the firmware for the alternative part no? 

  • Hi ,

        If you need all 20 channels, the LTC2983 is firmware compatible with the exception that it does not have the EEPROM of the LTC2984. This means any channel configs, custom sensor table data, etc. would have to be reloaded on power-up from the host microcontroller, instead of being able to be stored in the LTC2984 EEPROM. 

        If you need the EEPROM functionality but not all 20 channels, please look at the LTC2986-1 (-1 indicates it has the EEPROM). This will be firmware compatible with the LTC2984 including EEPROM write/read capability, but only for the first 10 channels.

    Hope this helps, we are working on restocking distribution. 

    Thank you,