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Question about the AD7765 datasheet

Hi ,

   Sorry bother you guys again, I have some questions about the AD7765 datasheet . 

  1. On AD7765 datasheet Page 13,  Figure 18,  the "Normal Power Mode INL" picture, it use the percentage "%"  as the unit for the INL, normally we will use LSB as the unit for INL,  How to convert this percentage value to LSB value?   Is equation below correct? 
    1.  INL LSB = percentage x FS / (Voltage per LSB)
  2. The AD775 contains an on-board differential amplifier, and the datasheet recommended us to use this amplifier to drive the ADC ,  I want to know the parameters or the specification in the datasheet was measured with the amplifier,  or without the amplifier? 

Thanks for help. 

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