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AD4110 RDY

HI, I'm trying to figure this problem but i can't solve by myself. It's about /RDY. 

I know when /RDY(Data Ready Output) goes low, it indicates the completion of a conversion and ready to get conversion data.

Question 1. 

If I bring SYNC to high to start conversion, does it affect /RDY goes to low? 

Because uhm.. to complete a conversion(/RDY is low), It should start a conversion first(/SYNC is high).

Question 2. 

How can I decide to choose to get Serial Interface Read Sequence(Figure 69) or ADC_DATA Register (Figure 70)?

I know the sequence but I don't know which makes the /RDY state go high.

One is when SYNC is low, RDY is brought high.

Second is if data has not been read after conversion.

At the Second reason, Is Data means 24-BIT Conversion Register Data? 

Question 3.

What is next update? 

Thank you for replying. 

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