About AD7616 input impedance


I am evaluating the AD7616.
I have a question, please let me know.

① Each input has a resistance component of 1 MΩ. Is it okay to judge that it is electrically insulated with this?
  Since GND is also independent, I think that it can be insulated from other channels and can be independent.   

     This time, by design, each input must be electrically independent.
     Please tell us your opinion.

② Is there any interference between Ch? (Crosstalk)
→ Is there a resistance component of 1MΩ because there is interference between Ch?
    I want to know why each channel is made independent by this resistance.

③ Is it possible to set the voltage for each channel?

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    Hi Naohisa,

    Please kindly refer to 'channel-to-channel isolation spec, typical plot (fig 31) and definition in terminology section. That would give an indication on the expected crosstalk channel to channel.

    Analog input range can be selected on a per channel basis in software mode as per tables 23 through 26.