AD5940BIOZ, ADC5940.c file missing

Quick question, I received the kit (AD5940BIOZ) and I've been playing with it. And I've couple of questions:

1. The example projects (such as Body impedance measurement) require installing drivers and tools (Keil, Realterm, etc.), can we do these experiments with SensorPal? What is SensorPal used for exactly?

2. Body Impedance Measurement Example (see link below), the source code package is missing a ADC5940.c file and it returns an error saying file is missing. Where can I find that file and how I can fix this error? Please advise.

- Maqsood

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Oct 20, 2020 4:56 PM

    1. SensorPal is a GUI tool for evaluation the AD5940 without needing tools such as Keil and Realterm. See here

    2. Did you follow the instructions for cloning the entire repository and it's submodules as documented in the user guide here and here? As documented you need to do a recursive clone to get the submodule ad5940lib which contains the AD5940.c and AD5940.h files.