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250khz or higher 16bit ADC with master SPI data output

DO you have 16bit precision ADC with master SPI so it can generate clock pulses on its own. Like AD7667. But AD7667 has too many pins. 

Is there a product like AD7685 that has SPI master feature? With AD7685, so I don't  have to use additional FPGA/PLD to generate the CLK signals. 

thanks you


  • Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for your recommendation request. I just have a few questions about your design requirements to help me with my product search.

    1. You mentioned that the AD7667 has too many pins, what is the maximum number of pins that you can incorporate into your design? 
    2. If you are planning to use a FPGA/PLD to read back the conversion data, have you considered using the FPGA/PLD to also generate the SPI clock?  Are there limitations of your FPGA/PLD that prohibit it from being the primary device in the SPI pair?