Q. ADAS1000 respiration measurement method


The customer measured ECG and respiration using the ADAS1000 EVB and 12-leads ECG cable.

The result of measuring the ECG is good. However, the results of measuring respiration are strange.

Please check if there is any problem with the measurement method.

1. Four electrodes are attached to the body.(LL, LA, RA, RL)

2. ADAS1000 GUI: Main front panel -> Stream ECG -> Default Settings -> QUIT -> StreamRESP -> Quick Respiration Setup -> Stream Respiration

3. The expected results and the actual measured results do not match at all.

(For example, it should increase when inhaling and decrease when exhaling, but the result has nothing to do with this.)

Does the problem occur if the impedance of the ECG cable is 10k ohm?

I look forward to your quick response.

Best regards, Leo