AD7732 Reading and Calibration Problems


Recently im working on a AD7732 ADC.

I have some problems in "Reading the input Voltage"

The Registers are set like this:

24 bit , Channel 0 , +-5 V ,  Mode : ADC Zero Scale Self Calibration.  And Bias0- Bias0+ are connected to ref +2.5 V .
ZS , FS, Channel ZS , Channel FS all are at their Default Values.

then i change the mode to single conversion. and it works.

now i dont know why i read this values:

for example for 0 volt input, i read about 8388608 (FFFFFF/2)

for 1.2 volt input, i read about 8600000.(Why??)

I Previously Read Datasheets and Appnotes , but i didnt understand why!  

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