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AD7175 Verifying Correct Communication method

It is suggested in the AD7175 datasheet that, "Reading the ID register is the recommended method for verifying correct communication with the device.".

Is this indeed the recommended method over say, appending the status register and CRC to each sample? Seems that periodically reading the ID register is redundant if already checking the CRC with each ADC conversion read.

Can you please confirm if there is something I am missing in which "Reading the ID register" is indeed the safest method?

Thank you!

  • Hi

    Yup, the CRC check is the safest and a more robust solution.

    Reading an ID register is a simplest way and a first step of checking that you are communicating with the device. But there could still be a series of next/ steps to confirm that you are indeed communicating properly with the device. If there's no harm in checking the ID register especially if different multiple devices are sharing your SPI, then you can still check this as an initial check. Our old products do not have an embedded CRC that's why we have setup a series of recommended method during initialization to verify that the SPI interface is communicating properly.