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Vinh/Vinl of AD7476A and AD7476B


I have a question about logic voltage of AD7476A and AD7476B.

Pls tell me the Vinh & Vinl when using VDD = 2.5V.

The data-sheet does not describe it. Pls refer to page3.

It would be greatly appreciated if advice could be gotten.

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  • Hello,

    Unfortunately we haven't specified Vinh and Vinl specifications at VDD of 2.5 V but please be aware that these are CMOS logic voltage thresholds therefore:

    At 2.5 V VDD the logic output specifications won't change therfore Voh and Vol are VDD-0.2 and 0.4 V respectively.

    Logic inputs, Vinl should be 0.4 V and Vinh around 1.8 V - 2.0 V.

    This device was successfully connected to the FPGA device supplied with 2.5 V without any difficulties.



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