About AD7690 ADC

Dear Sir/Madam,

     We are using the AD7690 High speed ADC for our weigh scale application. The ADC input is giving from the Loadcell. In that we using the ARM7 processor.

In that, we developed the firmware in c language to read the digital counts from AD7690 .

Please see the following conditions which we made in hardware side,

*We are using the CS mode, with 3-wire communication(CNV,SDO and Sclk) without busy indicator.

*We connected the VIO to SDI continuously (5v).

*But, the problem was, we were not receiving Any data from the ADC. We think that there might be a problem within our software program.

     Please give us, desired flow to develope the software for this ADC. Please give us any sample code to develope our application with AD7690.

Thanks and Regards,


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