AD7793 noise and accuracy


I have a couple of questions abou the AD7793. On page 3 of CN-0206, the resolution of the system  is calculated to be 0.014C. The p-p noise is stated as 6.6*0.088uV=0.581uV. But isn't the 0.088uV an output noise spec (per table 8 of the datasheet)? With a gain of 128, the sensitivity of the thermocouple is now 128*40uV/C=5.12mV/C.
Shouldn't the output noise of 0.581uV be compared to a sensitivity of 5.12mV/C?   I'm saying this because Table 8 doesn't say this noise is "referred to the input" of the device.

Also, I'm trying to figure out what the accuracy of a thermocouple system would be using the AD7793. For now, I'm trying to calculate the error caused by only the 0.01% reference. Please check my math and methodology: For 40uV/C and a gain of 16, the ADC input signal is now 640uV/C. For a K-type thermocouple, the signal at 1370C is 54.819mV. The gain of 16 brings this to 0.877104V (I've chosen a gain of 16 because if I increase the gain to 32, then the ADC input will be above 1.17V, and I won't be able to use the internal reference). With a max signal of 0.877104V and a 0.01% reference, the error due to the reference is 87.7uV max. 87.7uV/640uV/C = 0.137C.  I'm thinking this would be the error just due to the internal reference for a K-type thermocouple at 1370C. Have I done this correctly? I'd appreciate any feedback you can send my way.

Thank you very much,

John Araujo