AD7862 & AD7863


i have a circuit that requires the use of AD7862. however in my country (Malaysia) it is not available, and purchasing for outside of the country is time consuming and costly. i asked AD for a pin-compatible IC for replacement and they suggested AD7863.

AD7863 is 14-bit ADC while AD7862 is 12-bit. so the only different in pins is the extra 2 pins at Pin1 and Pin28 (NC at AD7862).

my question is, if i use AD7863 instead of AD7862, and i neglected the use of Pin1 and Pin28, will the circuit run as usual (it is a working circuit by previous students). from my understanding, if i neglected the two pins, then the IC and the circuit will work just as usual with the IC AD7863 is downgraded into 12-bit.

please correct me if i'm wrong, thank you!

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