AD7606 and BF609 comunication base on Sport


I attempt to accomplish comunication between AD7606 and BF561 through SPORT . Some pins connection as follow:

RSCLK1(BF561) to SCK(AD7606);

DR1PRI (BF561) to DoutA(AD7606);

DR1SEC(BF561) to DoutB(AD7606);

And I want to know the FSTDATA(AD7606) signal can be used for frame sync signal of SPORT?



  • Hi-

    I moved this question about the AD7606 to the Precision ADCs community.  Someone here should be able to assist you.



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  • Hi Kevin,

         I am assuming that you are using the serial mode fore the AD7606.


          The AD7606 FRSTDATA goes high on the MSB of DoutA after CS falling edge and return low after 16SCLK falling edges. This may frame the output of one channel only.


         To frame sync the AD7606 conversion result, the CS pin can be held low for 64 SCLK cycles to frame the conversion results of the  8 channels through DoutA and DoutB, with 4 channel results in each Dout line.  Please refer to figure 46 of the datasheet for the details.

         For on the BF561 SPORT interface, the DSP community will be able to help more details on it.