Interfacing a Raspberry PI with ADAS3022

The issue is to obtain detailed documentation about managing the IO ports of the ADAS3022 DAQ device.

We are trying to build a low cost intelligent DAQ device for peculiar real time applications.

The Analog to Digital Conversion function is up to the ADAS3022 and the real time analysis and output are up to the Raspberry pi CPU.

note: some information on a similar topic could be found at

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Some information about Raspberry pi:

From the Broacom BCM2835 datasheet:

BCM2835 contains the following peripherals which may safely be accessed by the ARM 32bit processor:

• Timers

• Interrupt controller

• GPIO (software programmable as needed)


• PCM / I2S

• DMA controller

• I2C master

• I2C / SPI slave

• SPI0, SPI1, SPI2



In the linked topic is suggeted the use of SPI interface but we need more detailed informations about the actual set up of the interface.

The operative sistem of te Raspberry pi is Debian that is based on the Linux kernel.

Thank you for every help and suggestions.