Interfacing a Raspberry PI with ADAS3022

The issue is to obtain detailed documentation about managing the IO ports of the ADAS3022 DAQ device.

We are trying to build a low cost intelligent DAQ device for peculiar real time applications.

The Analog to Digital Conversion function is up to the ADAS3022 and the real time analysis and output are up to the Raspberry pi CPU.

note: some information on a similar topic could be found at

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Some information about Raspberry pi:

From the Broacom BCM2835 datasheet:

BCM2835 contains the following peripherals which may safely be accessed by the ARM 32bit processor:

• Timers

• Interrupt controller

• GPIO (software programmable as needed)


• PCM / I2S

• DMA controller

• I2C master

• I2C / SPI slave

• SPI0, SPI1, SPI2



In the linked topic is suggeted the use of SPI interface but we need more detailed informations about the actual set up of the interface.

The operative sistem of te Raspberry pi is Debian that is based on the Linux kernel.

Thank you for every help and suggestions.

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    on May 29, 2013 4:48 PM


    I moved this question about the ADAS3022 to the Precision ADCs Community.  Someone here should be able to assist you.



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    Have you looked at the ADAS3022 reference FPGA design based on the CED1Z available on our website? It contains all the files necessary to program the CED1Z board in order to evaluate the ADAS3022. You can use them as a reference for your own design to interface with Raspberry pi:

    You should also look at the complete eval board user guide for the ADAS3022:


    We also have number reference designs based on the Altera and Xilinx FPGA for other products.

    Hope that helps.



  • Yes I'm actually checking all the link you suggested.

    Talking about FPGA it is intended to be the "translator" between the ADAS3022 ad a PC connection. So I suppose that any reference is intended for a "translation" process.

    On the other hand I've read from the ADAS3022 datasheet:

    "Serial 4-wire, 1.8 V to 5 V SPI-/SPORT-compatible interface"

    And from the Raspberry pi datasheet i learn that it has got a SPI comunication capacity.

    So, probably I shouldn't need to translate nothing and it could be possible a direct connection between the ADAS3022 and the Rasppberry pi.

    The issue is about understanding how to properly set the comunication parameters between them. The link you've kindly suggested could contain some important informations, but there's a relevant risk that I'll not be able to understand them correctly :-)

    Anyway I've found important information about SPI port and the data I need are about, for example, the clock speed that is needed to the ADAS3022 to work properly.

    Again, I need to know how to manage the sampling frequency, the number of channels requested to be used, how to interpretate the sended out data etc etc. Where I can find detailed documentation about that?

    I think that there must be documentation specifically written for that purpose right?

    I think that how to comunicate with a ADAS3022 could be an interesting feature of the device right? Hahahah :-)

    Thank you for any help.

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    on May 30, 2013 5:41 PM

    All the information you need about the ADAS3022 is in the datasheet. You should carefully look at the timing specifications in table 3, digital interface and configuration register sections in the datasheet. As shown in table 10, you can select the number of channels, set PGIA gains and enable/disable reference and select SPI interface mode. You should also look at the ADAS3022 FPGA reference design for more detailed information on how you can interface different signals of the ADAS3022 with your Raspberry pi.


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