Hi ,


I have planned to use AD7176-2 ADC in our project to read thermocouple, thermistor, RTD , Voltage , Current and strain gauge sensors. I am finding it hard to fix what is the conversion time and settling time.


I will be using one channel with output datarate @ 10ksps and Sinc5+sinc1 filter settings. In "Table 18. AD7176-2 Output Data Rate (ODR)". It mentions that @ 10KSPS Settling time is 100uSec. But it doesnt mentions about the conversion rate.

Please let us know what is Settling time? Is it applicable for ever conversion as I will be using external mux to provide input to the ADC and what is the conversion time. I have 16 channels to be converted.

Also I would like to know whether to use an continues conversion mode or single conversion mode. As the device is a battery operated I want an optimal solutions.