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My first simple ADC circuit...Could someone please give it a quick check over?

Hi all,

I decided to attempt my first ADC circuit for one part of my final year project at university. I have spent a while learning the theory behind it all, and have finally come up with a schematic I think could work. Before I go out and spend money on a PCB, I'm looking for someone to give it a quick look over and hopefully catch a silly beginner mistake. If there is anyone who will be generous enough with their time to do so, I'd be very appreciative!.

It is a simple circuit. The output from an ADXL377 accelerometer is filtered with a 4th order Sallen-Key and sampled with an AD7988-1. The end use is to record an impact, so I have attempted to filter out any high frequency noise. I don't think ill be concerned with anything above 100Hz or so, but can change the capacitors on the board if I discover otherwise. For the op amps I have used two AD8656 op amps just for the schematic to make it easier to read. I'll use a AD8655 instead to save some board space. 

Thanks in advance to anyone willing to help out a student!