code of the test pattern of   AD7960?

I want to use the test pattern of AD7960 to calibrate my timing, but no description about the output code can be found in the data sheet? anyone knows it? Thanks.

  • AD did give me the pattern, but I think AD keeps this proprietary, so I'll leave it to them to give it to others.

  • Hi Maithil. I want also to use AD7960, but I don't know how to start. I need test pattern code.

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  • Hi Dmitriy,

    The AD7960 generates an 18-bit pseudo random test pattern and to generate this pattern, you will need to power-up the AD7960 and set EN[3:0] = 0100. Then Initiate a conversion CNV± and run the CLK± at 200MHz (max up to 300MHz). The pseudo random generator is reset into a known state at the start of the first conversion. At the end of conversion, the pseudo random number is loaded into the LVDS block instead of the 18-bit conversion result. The pseudo random number can be read back the same way the conversion result is read back. To exit this mode, you'll need to change EN[3:0] from 0100 to any other combination mentioned in the datasheet (see Table 8).


  • Dear Maithil,

    I have contacted the ADI support to request infos about the test pattern of AD7960 but the ADI reply was to redirect my request to this forum...

    "Dear Customer,

    Unfortunately we are not able to support you personally in a timely manner. The support intensity of some of our more complex products and a steady increase in inquiries impacts our support services at this point in time. We are offering you support through our Support Forum at EngineerZone:

    The Engineer Zone Community is supported by our experts. "

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  • I have sent you a private message.