AD7400 rush current

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Please let me know rush current specification of AD7400 or give me related date.


We use AD7400 in our system now.

At the moment, there is no problem with our system for rush current.

But , datasheet does not describe rush current parameter.

And, we hear that competitor's one may have large rush current (rumor ?).

So, we think no problem for AD7400 but we would like to check data.


If you have any data , information or  measurement result, please let me know your advice.




  • Hello

    Please update this thread.

    Is there any data about rush current of AD7400 ?

    At the moment, our customer is improving  his cuircit.

    If rush current may be large, he would like to improve power supply rail.

    Please let me know your advice.



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    on Aug 2, 2018 2:38 PM
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