Driving ADAS3023 inputs

Hi to everyone!

I'am working on a data acquisition system based on ADAS3023.

Input signals are bipolar and single-ended.

I can't find on datasheet details about track & hold circuit or any information about best performance driving circuit.

Is there anyone that knows details about track & hold circuit or its input equivalent circuit (in particular hold capacitor size)?

Does the driving circuit need an RC passive circuit just before the inputs?

Can someone suggest me a hi-performance driving circuit for ADAS3032?


Filippo Bianchi

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on May 28, 2014 12:37 AM

    Hi Filippo,

         The ADAS3023 is an integrated  DAQ system in a single chip. It has low leakage track and hold, a programmable gain instrumentation amplifier(PGIA), a precision low drift reference and buffer and a 16bit SAR ADC.

         It has high impedance input  in differential structure and rejects common mode signals present on the inputs, with this it doesn't require additional input buffers that are usually for buffering, attenuation and kickback reduction when using switched capacitor based SAR ADC.

         You may want to check the ADAS3023 evaluation board schematic for the recommended capacitor values at the input as these were proven to work fine on the board. Kindly refer to the link below.