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Hi ,

I have a question here.I was just going through the AD7401A data sheet. And trying to implement the second order delta modulator. From the Page 14 of the AD7401A data sheet theere is a statement saying that "

The analog input signal is continuously sampled by the modulator and compared to an internal voltage reference. "

1. I would like to know what is the "internal voltage reference" for this device. Could you please help me out in this.

From the page 13  in the terminology section there is a statement "(VIN+ − VIN−), Code 7169 for the 16-bit level, and specified positive full scale, +250 mV (VIN+ − VIN−), Code 58366 for the 16-bit level..

I would like to knbow how this number "7169" has been arrived. I would like to know the formulae.

I assume that 1lsb = Vref/2^N. N = adc bit resolution