drive AD7903 with ADA4941-1 supply voltage range


I want to drive the AD7903 with the ADC driver ADA4941-1 like the circuit SINGLE-TO-DIFFERENTIAL DRIVER in the datasheet page 17.

I take the values R1 = 4k, R2 = 1k, R3 = 8.45k, R4 = 11.8k, R5 = 10.5k, R6 = 9.76k. This values are specified in the datasheet for an input voltage of +-10V.

1.What could be the problem, if the supply voltage is 0V and 5V ?

     Ok, 5V I think the peak of output voltage can be a little bit deformed, because the maximum output voltage is 5V +-0,14V.

     But why is the supply voltage -0.2V instead of 0V?

2. Supposed, I have a supply voltage of -0.2V and 5.2V. What could be happen if my input signal is greater than 10V or smaller than -10V ?

    I know, the ESD protection diodes are slowly open, but there are other things?

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