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2 Questions for your AD7865-1

Dear Sir/Madam,

Our customer asked the following 2 questions to us.

As for your AD7865-1 ADC,


Customer put -10V DC between (VinxA+VinxB) to AGND for a few seconds.

So in this case, your AD7865-1 is broken the over voltage, correct?

Your ABS.MAX. ratings show

Analog Input Voltage to AGND

AD7865-1 (+/- 5 V Input Range)........+/- 9 V

Customer condition are,

Supply power; 5VDC

Input range; +/-5V, but shorted VinA to VinB.


When the supply voltage is 5VDC,

Your ABS.MAX. ratings are,

Analog Input Voltage to AGND

AD7865-1 (+/-10V Input Range)......+/-18 V

AD7865-1 (+/-5V Input Range)......+/-9 V

Why does this high voltage come?

What's the reason(mechanism)?

Our customer thought that when it is +/- 10V input range, then only use VinxA single side, correct?

Also when it is +/- 5V input range, then only use (gang VinxA+VinxB), correct?

Customer would like to know the reason why this come from?

Thanks Kaos

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