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Resolver to encoder converter with AD2S80A

Dear all,

I would like to build a resolver to encoder converter with 16 bit resolution and the possibility of selecting between internal or external excitation signal.

My first choice was to try it with the AD2S1210, which has 16 bit of resolution and includes encoder output and internal excitation generation. However, so far it does not seem possible to use it with the excitation generated by a completely different system:

AD2S1210 with external excitation signal generation

I am now considering to use the AD2S80A,which also has 16 bit of resolution, but does not include encoder output nor excitation generation.

Since the excitation is generated externally to the chip, it will be easy to switch between that excitation (coming from other chip in the PCB) or an external source outside of the PCB.

For the encoder output I am thinking to just add the logic gates to generate the A, B signals from the LSB and the direction pins, and for the encoder index signal Z, just use the RIPPLE CLOCK signal, which seems to have the same purpose.

Does this approach seem correct?

Thank you for any advise on this!

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