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ADD7746 - Testing/Measuring Multiple CDCs Simultaneously?

So looking over the datasheet and the evaluation board instructions, I see how you can test a single CDC.

For my project, I would like to use eight AD7746s. At first, it would seem erroneous to use multiple EVAL-boards.  But I also figured I would reach out to this community so I do not make any assumptions.

My first thought is connecting all the digital inputs (SDA, SCLK, bINT) together into one EVAL board.  But looking at the functional block diagram of the EVAL board, this will not work since the board only has one set of excitation outputs, EXCA and EXCB.

Is there an alternative approach, or is using 8 EVAL boards the worst case scenario?

Would it be cheaper / better if I just do a PCB layout that expands the EVAL board to the number of AD7746s that I need?

Thank you very much.


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