Hello All,

I have spent the last month trying to get the AD7730 to work but have not gotten any data or response out of this device.  Following is a check list of what I have done so far,

1. Hooked up 4.91MHz crystal oscillator with proper capacitor values across MCLK IN and MCLK OUT and saw the square wave on the oscilloscope.

2. Send in SPI clock pulse to SCK pin and got random data between data bits 7 to bit 0 from pin DOUT

3. Hook up my confirmed working load cell directly to the inputs of AN1+ and AN1-

4. Observed the RDY signal on the oscilloscope but RDY never goes low

5. Read through data sheet over 20 times and read through countless discussions online and still no sucess

6. Ensured that my SPI data going into DIN is valid by observing on the oscilloscope.

7. Wrote my pseudo-code exactly as stated on page 37 in the AD7730 datasheet

If you know what is going on, I greatly appreciate your input.  Thank you for reading this post.