Interfacing AD7903 with Labview or Matlab


I have assembled a Direct Conversion Receiver (CN0374 in the Design Center CN0374 | circuit note and reference circuit info RF-to-Bits Solution Offers Precise Phase and Magnitude Data to 6 GHz |…) using ADL5380 (Demodulator), ADA4940 Low Noise Diff Amplifier, AD7903 (16 bit ADC), and the SDP-B board for downconverting a 1.7 GHz signal to baseband.

I am currently using the AD7093 evaluation software as prescribed in the Design Center page. However, I would like to know if there is any way I could interface it to either Labview or Matlab for automating the process of controlling the ADC for Data Acquisition purposes.

Thank you

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  • Hi,

    I have downloaded the CN-0374 evaluation sofatware and installed it. It works well!

    Thank you very much!



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    CN-0374 evaluation software can now be downloaded on the product page. Please see attached link.




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