AD7367-5 circuit diagrams

When I used the AD7367-5 for a single-end  bipolar range-±5V analogue input signal,I couldn't 100% be sure that could that chip work in the single-ended model,since  Figure 21 about typical connection diagram in the data sheet AD7367 has some conflict with Fifure 1 in the reference  design CN0042 about the analog input signal range.Considering about I couldn't get the right output and   the AD7367-5  data sheet has some mistake that makes me couldn't trust it,can someone solve my donbt,or tell me is the circuit diagrams in the attachment correct or not ? Thanks a lot

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  • Hi,Gnib.

      The figure below is latest tested(November 17th) AD7367-5 serial digital output on DOUTA pin1 for five range ±1/±2/±3/±4/±5V all-frequence-10kHz Sinusoidal inputs about V1.And the AGND to V1 is connected to the analog ground plane of the system.

       Since the analog signal's frequence range is from 7kHz to 16kHz,I thought I could use AD8032(the most used driver amplifier in my Lab).When the correct output couldn't be gotten,I has already replaced AD8021.But it still didn't make no difference:same digital output,same frequence,similar mess in higher input voltage.

      I also post the verilog programme in this safe website below,if you have time to check it work correctly or not.Thaks a lot for your help and patience.
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