"NO DEVICES FOUND" Eval-AD7608 with SDP-B linking error

HI, experts:

Please help me on this "NO DEVICES FOUND" Eval-AD7608SDZ with EVA-SDP-CB1Z linking problem.

I follow the given procedure to install the system.

1. Install the AD7608 evaluation board software.

2. Connect the Eval-AD7608SDZ and EVA-SDP-CB1Z together via the 120-way connector.

Apply power to the Eval-AD7608SDZ via +9 V, 18 W power supply provided. At this stage, the green LED labeled Power on the EVAL-CED1Z is lit.

3. Connect the USB cable between the PC and the EVA-SDP-CB1Z.

Althrough the "status' LED on the EVA-SDP-CB1Z board no lights up, the device manager (Win7) is able to detect the "Analog Devices System Demostration  Platform SDP-B"

4. After starting the EVAL-AD7608 software, the error message below is shown. I have tried to press the RESET button and redo the entire procedure many times, but the problem remains.

Many thanks


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