About reference for  AD7176-2

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I have questions about AD7176-2.

According to the datasheet, there are some recommended external reference like ADR441.

#1,Do you think it's fine to use one piece of ADR441 for two or three pieces of AD7176-2?

#2,About the current load of reference pin,

   Is it okay to consider that thee spec of " Average Reference Input Current" is equal to the load current?

#3,Average Reference Input Current is ±72 μA/V , so If it's used as 2.5V, the load current is 2.5V*±72 μA/V?

#4,The datasheet says it requres 4.7uF capacitors for refpin, I'm worried about the stability of ADR441.

   Do you know how much the cap is the maximum for ADR441?

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