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No response from AD1556

Hi there!!

I am trying to get the serial binary data from bit stream with help of AD1556. I dont know how to use SCLK, SYNC pins. Please help ASAP !! and also, what does Din actually do in AD1556 ? I mean what do we write and how actually, to which register?

  • Hi Divya,

    Apologies for the delayed response.

    The device operation can be controlled in two ways and the H//S pin is used to select which mode is used. When H//S pin is high, the state of the hardware pins sets the mode of operation, this makes the DIN pin is irrelevant. But when the H//S pin is low, a write sequence to the Configuration Register or a previous write sequence sets the device operation. A write operation to the device is initiated by setting the R//W low. With /CS pin low, the data on the DIN pin is automatically loaded to the Configuration Register on the falling edge of the SCLK with MSB loaded first as shown in Figure 6 of the datasheet. Table V shows the Configuration Register data bits.

    To read from the device, R//W must be high. RSEL pin is used to select which register to be read. The Data Register is read when RSEL is high and the Status Register when low. With /CS pin low, the data from the Data Register or Status Register will be loaded to DOUT pin on the falling edge of the SCLK with MSB read first as shown in Figure 5 of the datasheet. By applying 24 SCLK cycles, you will be able to read the data on the Data or the Status register via DOUT pin.



  • Hello Calam!

    Apologies for the my delayed response. Thank you very much for you response. That was a great help in understanding things.

    I have few more doubts, What is use of SYNC if we are using SCLK for synchronizing the data read/write ? How should i use it?

    Second, DRDY pin. I dont understand its importance during DOUT read operation.We are already taking data when SCLK in low. I guess it is important while reading binary stream data. If so, please explain.

    Third, i was using it in hardware mode, making all the pin to their respected values. I am gonna try software mode now. But still, hardware mode must work if there is any option, but it is not giving any response .

    What is the difference between PG0-4 pins and CG0-4 pins? AD1556 dont have any gain amplifier, right ?

    And lastly, how can i use TDATA, to test, means what should be the data type?

    I bought the IC package only, do you know whether it has filter coefficient pre-loaded or do i need to load it by myself. and how can i do that.

    A Lot of questions for you, sorry for trouble .

    Thanks in advance.


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