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Query on error in velocity in RDC AD2S1210 under constant and variable velocity of resolver operation

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I was referring to your application note on “Precision Resolver-to-Measures Angular Position and Velocity” regarding a query I am working on. I am looking for error in velocity reading of RDC under constant velocity and variable velocity condition. I could not find any data on this in this application note. It will also be helpful if you can provide variables on which this error depends upon.




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  • Hi Baikunth,

                The data that you are looking for may not be on the article but it might be on the datasheet.

                On the AD2s1210 datasheet table 1, the parameter velocity accuracy, this is the accuracy of the velocity in terms of LSB and varies dependent on resolution. The condition says at zero acceleration, this means that it is with constant velocity. Hope this help.



  • Hi Jcolao,

    Thanks for your answer. I need to know how errors in velocity can come from other sources except RDC as is the case of angular reading. In datasheet, it clearly explains the source of errors in case of angle are amplitude mismatch, Differential phase shift error and tracking errors. But it does not explains the same in case velocity, Can you tell what could be the errors in velocity reading due to amplitude mismatch, differential phase shift and tracking errors. I want to understand from system prospective which sources can add errors in velocity reading like, transformer turns ration errors, phase shift between primary and secondary windings etc..

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    Baikunthanath Dwibedi.

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