AD698 LVDT Signal Conditioner

Is the AD698 effectively a 12-bit device?

By this I mean can I connect it to a higher resolution ADC or are the effective number of

bits limited by the analog design of the AD698?

Is there a way to make higher resolution LVDT signal conditioners?



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  • Hi,

    As per last response, The AD698 linearity spec typically at 75ppm will have an 13.7 bit accuracy, the worst would be at 500ppm which is a 11 bit accuracy.

    So, instead of using AD7992 which is12 bit ADC, if i use 14-bit or 16-bit ADC, what would be possible good / bad out comes?

    say, I'm connecting AD698 to AD8615 and then to AD7992 as reference circuit.

    case 1) my o/p at AD815 is uni-polar 0 to 5V.

                     5V / 4096 for 12 bit ADC= 1.22mV/Step.

    case 2) my o/p at AD815 is uni-polar 0 to 10V.

                     10V/4096 for 12bit ADC = 2.44mV/Step.

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