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How to use daisy-chaining of AD7768?

Dear Sir:

               How to used daisy-chaining of AD7768? How to connection? Dout1=>Dout 6 and Dout0=> Dout7 or Dout1=>Dout7 and Dout0=> Dout6? BTW, I reference schematic of AD7768 EVB and I have a question as can I save reference buffer ADA4841-1 in my circuit?

  • Hi JasonChien,

    When using the part in daisy-chain mode, the interface depends on the FORMATx pins as shown on Table 28 of the datasheet. In the information you provided, it is clear that the FORMATx pins are configured as "01". In this configuration, connect DOUT0 to DOUT6 and DOUT1 to DOUT7.

    Using an external reference drive amplifier such as the ADA4841-1 is recommended to have the best performance at higher sampling rates. You can opt to remove it in your circuit at the expense of performance at higher sampling rates.



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