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Looking for a AD7152 replacement



I am currently working with the Eval-AD7152EBZ.

I am using this board to measure pressure/weight by using a variable capacitor

This works nice but I want to make more of these pressure sensors on the same I2C bus.

But the with the AD7152 it is only possible to have two of these capacitors per chip, and it is only possible to have one AD7152 per I2C bus since it is not possible to give this chip an address.

So my question is do u guys know a chip that can measure capacitance like the AD7152 but can be given an address?

Ore a chip that can measure variable capacitors but with more channels then the AD7152?


Also before u say multiplexer i need to keep my design as small and simple as possible so multiplexers are not really an option.


Thank you in advance.

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