Looking for Raspberry Pi interface to AD7864

I would like to develop an application using a 4-Channel, 12 Bit ADC to scan at 48k SPS on an ARM processor (Raspberry Pi).

The best I can find is an Adafruit board and TI chip ADS1015 4-Channel, 12 Bit ADC 3.3k SPS

I would like to use either the Analog Devices AD7864 4-Channel, 12-Bit ADC, or AD7865 4-Channel, 14-Bit ADC

The datasheet for AD7864 offers an EVAL-AD7864-1CB Evaluation Board and EVAL-CONTROL BRD2 Controller Board

I can’t find these Evaluation Boards.

Plan B is purchase and breadboard the components that are shown in the datasheet schematics.

That moves the project success from probable to unlikely.

Customer support offered, “Please contact one of our authorized distributors for a quote and to place an order.”

The closest the dealers got was “obsolete” or “back order”.

They declared the EVAL-ADICUP360 and EVAL-ADE7878AEBZ as not compatible .

One blog (academic hardware lab) mentioned using a AD7864 in a National Instruments myRIO.

Google did find the “EVAL-AD7864CB” spec, description, and circuit board artwork, but “no results found” on Analog Devices.

I know you are into 24 Bit – MSPS and old small systems don’t fit into “Ahead of what’s possible.”

With my frustration to find a single board solution, the saying looks like “Sometimes it’s hard to recognize progress.”

Can you point me toward a single board, ARM compatible solution that contains an AD7864 or similar functionality?

The ultimate solution (in my opinion) would be a 16 week back-order wait for the EVAL-AD7864-1CB, and EVAL-CONTROL BRD2.

Thank you,


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