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AD7625 data sheet (Quick question: AD7961 in the self-clocked mode )


This is my first post. I have a few quick questions about the AD7961 in the self-clocked mode: 

1)  If you are using AD7961 in the self-clocked mode can you adjust the clock frequency?

2) In my application, I would prefer to use the self-clock mode but the typical clock period is 4 ns, does the ADC always run at this clock speed ? 

3) I calculated the maximum frequency it is found to be around 8ns if you do the calculation in Table 3 note1 which would be perfect. Does the ADC adjust the clock frequency based on the time between conversions?

The reason why I asking is because the digital host's IOs is not fast enough to accommodate the AD7961 (max 160Mbit/s). So another option would be is to run the ADC in echoed clock mode, if I subtract tCYC from tCLKL for the maximum case I get 160ns for 16 bits this would yield a 100 Mhz clock. Would that be sufficient to clock out the data from the ADC running a 5 MSPS ( I am designing for  5 MSPS but actually running at 4 MSPS at the moment) .

Thanks in advance,


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