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AD7634 - Histograms near the extremity of the scale


I'm currently working with the AD7634 and I have a question about the thickness of the histogram when working at the extremity of the scale.

Looking at the figure 7 of the datasheet (page 12), attached to this message, it is possible to see that the histogram shows a thickness of 7 (min: 0x20000 and max: 0x20006) and a standard deviation of 0.80. If we look at the figure 10 we can also see a thickness of 7 (min: 0x1FFFE and max: 0x20004), but a standard deviation of 0.75.

But for both histograms the measure was acquired at the center of the scale, i.e., near the code 0x20000 and I didn't find in the datasheet further details about the results when working outside of the center of the scale.

This way, I'd like to know what I should expect in terms of thickness of the histogram and standard deviation, when working near the codes 0x00000 and 0x3FFFF.

Another doubt: the description of both figures 7 and 10 says "Histogram of 261,120 Conversions of a DC Input...", but when I sum all of the counts of the histogram the result is 131,072. This way, I would like to know what this "261,120 Convertions" means.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Rafael Ito

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