problem in ADAS3023 digital data

Dear all,

I'm using ADAS3023 in part of my design. When I want to config CFG register, it works OK without any problem and CFG is configured. but When I want to read data of 8 Converted Channels, it seems that all 8 data are same and fixed. even if I change Voltage level of each channel, The digital data corresponding to them do not change at all. they are all fixed and same. I do not have providing Power sequence of this ADC in Hardware but in the beginning of my code, i wrote some lines to do PD and Reset Cycle that is mentioned here:

ADAS3023 power sequence 

It is important to know that I do all of timing that is needed for Conversion and ... Correctly because i saw CNV, CS, SCK , ... all on Oscilloscope.

How Can I fix this problem?

In fact The ADC not convert data at all. 

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