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  I had a problem with the AD7323 Dout value. We used power supply to give 5V input voltage. We read the AD7323 Dout value which was't equal to 5V. The AD7323 Dout value was different from each test, and it floating range reached higher than 1V. I checked the input voltage with oscilloscope which was stable. I posted my setting of AD7323 as below. Could you help me to check? Thank you.

----------------------------------Voltage Setting----------------------------------------------------- 

  • VDD: +15V (+12V and +10V were also used to test)
  • VSS: GND
  • VCC: +5V (+3.3V was also used to test)
  • Vdriver: +3.3V
  • Vref: connect a capacitor(0.1uF). Use internal reference voltage +2.5V
  • SPI Clock(CKPHA=0,CKPOL=1): 1MHz (50kHz to 5MHz were also used to test)
  • Input Voltage (Vin1):5V  (the others input (Vin0、Vin2、Vin3) were connected to GND)

★ p.s. All input voltage was given by power supply.

★ p.s. We only tested AD7323 function.

--------------------------------Command Setting-----------------------------------------------------

  • Control Chip: C8051F380 (I/O, low level: 0V, high level: +3.3V)
  • Mode: Traditional mulitchannel operation
  • Mode Type: Signed-end mode (M1=0,M0=0)
  • Input Channel: Vin1 (ADD1 = 0,ADD0 = 1)
  • Register sequence: Range register → Control register → Read Dout Data
  • Range register command: 0xA600 (0xBFE0 was also used to test)
  • Sequence register command: no use (0xE000 and 0xE800 were also used to test)
  • Control register command: 0x843C (0x8430 was also used to test)
  • Read Dout Data command(Write bit = 0): 0x0430 (0x0000 was also used to test)
  • Stop sequence command(Seq =0,Seq = 0): 0x8430 (I thought that this step was't used. We also didn't write this step to test)

★ p.s. I was sure that SPI function was working.


Attached Files:

  1. SPI Clock Model
  2. Range Register Result (used Logic Analyzer)
  3. Control  Register Result (used Logic Analyzer)
  4. Read Dout value in different test (used Logic Analyzer)


If you have any question, please let me know. Thank you.



Vincent Chen

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