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Confirm whether we can use AD574ASD/883B in the design



We have selected part AD574ASD/883B (ADC Single SAR 12-bit Parallel 28-Pin SBCDIP).

In Analog Devices website it is showing that all the parts of family AD574ASD are NRND (Not Recommended For New Design).

Please confirm whether I can go ahead with the part AD574ASD/883B, Is there any difficulty in procurement and getting future technical supports during functionality testing If I choose this part.


  • Hi Vijetha,

       I will need to confirm it first and get back to you about AD574 not recommended for new design because there is conflict with the ordering guide it says it is still in production. Meanwhile may I know what application that you are trying to build on for the AD574? Maybe we can suggest an alternative that may fit to your application. ADI has wide range of ADC that may cover many application.



  • Thank You for the response.

    We are going to use it in our PCB design for Temperature Monitoring system in which Temperature sensors feed inout to ADC and output of ADC is sent to Xilinx FPGA for further processing.

    As our customer specifically suggested this ADC part, we need an equivalent part number having same features of AD574 (If AD574 is NRND).


    So please confirm can I use AD574 in my design. If In cant use it, please suggest a suitable part thatt hasall the features of AD574.


    My only concern with part selection is that I should get a proper technical support during board bring up (if needed during Testing). We had very limited technical support for one of the part selected in our previous design because of NRND issue. So this time  we would like to confirm the NRND issue before part selection itself.




  • Hi,

    With respect to Temperature, We need Industrial Grade Part that should be operational in the temperature range of -40 to +85 deg C. 

    There is no specific requirement on ceramic package, We should be able to assemble it on PCB.

    Yes we can ue either serial or parallel output interfaces, but we prefer parallel outputs.



  • Can you mention the full ordering part number of AD574 series?

  • Do you need a military part(883BB) or just military temperature?

    Do you need a ceramic package?

    I'm assuming with an FPGA, you can accept parallel or serial interface?


  • People want faster, more bits, and smaller packages, so more and more ADCs are serial.  However,

    you could look at the AD676, AD1674, or AD7880.   If you want an AD574, you will have to buy

    the 5962xxxx full mil part.


  • Hi Vijetha,

       I agree with what Harry is saying. Now we wanted to help in the development of your application. The AD574 is a good part. ADI has newer parts that can fit your application and many of them are of industrial standard. Do you have specifics about ad574 why you chose it? In your application of a temperature monitoring system a more accurate would be better and this can be achieve when you have a higher resolution ADC and very good parametric specification. In your application, what is the range of temperature that you are monitoring? What accuracy does it need? Here is a link of the ADC that may fit your application, I have filter it to 1 channel, parallel interface and covers industrial temperature range. Please refer to the link. You may also want to filter further the list base from the specification that you need. If you have questions, please let us know.|10000000&p4364=Sigma-Delta|SAR&p2846=-40%20to%20125%B0C|-40%20to%20105%B0C|-40%20to%2085%B0C&p4365=Parallel&p3062=1&ps5=select%20all



  • 5962R8512701VXA 

    As a side note, NRFD does NOT mean the part is going obsolete;  it simply means that it is a mature product,

    and there are newer parts that you should consider.  For example, more bits, faster, lower cost because they

    are on a newer process, etc.  But if the rest of the world is designing in the newer parts, and the existing

    customers drop off one by one, eventually it will be announced for obsolescence, it which case we give you

    one year for your final buy.


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