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24-bit or 32-bit ADC selection help needed

I am working on creating an high performance DC Digital Volt Meter and need help for selection the best ADC.

What is the best ADC with low noise and at lest 50sps.

And also will be good to have it able to read temperature also.

  • Hi,

    We a have a variety of high performance precision ADCs available on the analog website that may suite your application. What specific performance do you require? What is your target signal level measurements? How high the accuracy of the system should be? How many channels do you need? So far, the AD7177-2 is our only 32-bit running at 10ksps max which targeted the highest system performance. We have other parts also that is only 24 bits but with higher noise performance. Please refer to the selection guide below.|10000000&p4364=Sigma-Delta&p193=24|32 

    If you send me your specific requirements, I can recommend parts and narrow down these selection guide.



  • I dont need any high speed ADC, only going to use max 100sps(running on Windows IoT Core system).

    Also all readings are going to be inn DC voltage.

    I can use an 24bit with high noise performance, maby an Delta-Sigma due to dc measurements.

    Maby I can use an AD7713?

    I need only 2-3 channels.

    • 2 channels for high voltage(above 1 volt)
    • 1 channel for low voltage(below 100mV)

    My reading voltage

    • Diff input +/-100mVdc, +/-500mVdc, +/1vdc, +/-2.5vdc, +/-5vdc, +/-10vdc and +/-30vdc
    • Singel-ended input 0-100mVdc, 0-500mVdc, 0-1vdc, 0-10vdc and 0-30vdc
    • Singel-ended input +/-100mVdc, +/-500mVdc, +/-1vdc, +/-2.5vdc, +/-5vdc, +/-10vdc and +/-30vdc

    I am going to connect Diff and singel ended amps between ADC and dc voltage, still looking for that.


    I also must be able to perform calibration of the chip. connect external high performance ref voltage and controll true i2c or SPI.

  • Hi,

    You may want to consider using AD7124 which is a newer product and has all the building blocks of AD7713 along with more filter options, 3 power modes, Reference buffers and added more advanced features such as diagnostics. Since the part operates from 2.7 to 3.6V supply, you have to design a complete analog front end solution (i.e. attenuator or voltage divider) to meet the device input specification.



  • Thank you, I have been looking at the AD7124 version.

    I am going to test it out.