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Digital Interface FAQ - Sigma Delta ADC

  1. How does the serial interface operate?
  2. What is the recommended initialization sequence?
  3. Are there any precautions that should be taken to make the interface more robust?
  4. If the interface does get corrupt, what are the options to regain control of the ADC?
  5. How do I interface to multiple ADCs over the same serial interface?
  6. When reading from the ADC, only the first read after power-up is successful. All subsequent read operations give invalid results. What could be happening?
  7. When single conversion mode is used, can /CS be taken high after the single conversion is initiated?
  8. When information (conversion data or information from the on-chip registers) is read from the ADC, the LSB read back is always 1. Why?
  9. What is the \SYNC pin and how do I use it? Can I leave this open when unused?
  10. Does DOUT/RDY become High-Z when /CS is high?
  11. DOUT/RDY is not working or never goes low. What should I do?
  12. Data available on DOUT is invalid or is not updating. What is wrong?
  13. Data output clamped to all zeros or 1s. Why?