ADC Selection, Circuit Note CN-0254 opamp selection

We are working on the design of data acquisition system.
Specifications are:
1. ADC Resolution: 16bit (minimum 14bit)

2.Number of analog input channel 4 ch. (single ended 4ch., differential 2ch.)
3.. Input Range -10V to +10V, 0 to +5V.
4. Limit frequency (3dB) 10kHz/Through(200kHz) selectable (if possible)
Could you suggest any ADC that supports these specifications?

Alternatively, could you provide solution to this design.

Also, I am referring to the circuit note CN-0254. The opamp AD8608 has a slew rate of 5V/us. However, the maximum signal frequency is 1.5MHz and output voltage peak is 4.096V. So as per the calculation slew rate should be: Slew Rate= 2*pi*f*V= 2*3.14*1.5M*4.096= 38.6 V/us. What is the logic working here?

Best Regards,

Sarang Suryawanshi