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ADE7913/7912 ADC CRC Issue

Hi all, ade7913

I am working on measurment application with ADE7913.

I have no problem with reading out data from ADC.

Problem starts when I want to verify data.

I have single burst readout with IWV, V1WV, and V2WV data and I should be able to calculate and compare CRC.

So example data read out looks like : 


where [ byte number ] = data , so 11 bytes . first IWV 3 bytes , V1WV 3 bytes , V2WV 3 bytes and ADC_CRC 2 bytes.

There is certain offest at 0V but using proper calulation I am able to get proper result. So I think data is correct.

Problem starts when I want to compare CRC. I spent with datasheet long hours as well as with many online calculators.

I have found also analog tool for similar chip but same polynomial, also cannot get correct result.

I understand that using data [00..08] as data and polynomial G(x) = x16 + x12 + x5 + 1 , I should get CRC as it is [09..0a]

But no way. I already tried to swap bytes & bits in all possbile combination.

What I need ,prefferrably, is pices of C code for calculating this CRC.

There is also 2nd possibility that my data is wrong and this is my problem. Verified burst readout from ADE7913 would be also helpful to me.

to ANALOG : Shame on you. Description could be better.

Best regards

Adam Górski